My Dogs

 All my boys are health tested which means they are x rayed  for there hips and then the x ray is sent for certification to OFA. These results are posted on there web site


OFA  have further  information that you may need on hips.


The boys are also DNA tested for hereditary diseases This means that the puppies will not develop the disease that they were tested for.  However, not all things are able to be tested by DNA  or are hereditary.

Hollowshot welcomes back "Jake" from Asset kennels who has him from a puppy and put lots of show titles on him. He has turned into a lovely boy both to look at and in temperament. He is a Son of my Nell CH Hollowshot Northern Dancer and CH Bayshore Hot Chocolate. This litter has done so well with 5 in that litter being champions. All have the same lovely temperaments

Bess, Ruscombe Tansy was my foundation girl who started a long line of girls  and Pete is the first boy that I have kept. He is the 9th progeny from Bess, not sure who many Great greats there are in that ! I bought Bess in 1984 and still carrying the line and hope that Pete will produce some great dogs in the future .  The following pictures show his parents and grandparents . Strange to get some of the very same characteristics coming through, look at Bess' ears !  Pete is just the other way round! 

Jakes Mum Ch Hollowshot Northern Dancer

Jakes Mum Ch Hollowshot Northern Dancer

Border collie being shown at a dog show

Gr Ch Hollowshot A Twist Of Fate at Westminster

Most of my lines come from my first registered border collie Ruscombe Tansy Of Hollowshot . She was born 1986

Nell ,Ch Hollowshot Northern Dancer , and Skylar ,GR Ch Hollowshots a Twist of Fate come down from my first registered Border Collie Ruscombe Tansy of Hollowshot.who I called Bess.  She was by the first ever border collie champion in England ,Show Champion Tilehouse Cassius Of Beagold.

Cassius gained this title in 1982 when border collies were able to compete for challange certificates known as C.C.'s and they have to gain three to become a champion.

Behind him were great working champions including Bosworth Coon and Wiston Cap , two of the great dogs winning I.S.D.S (International Sheepdog Society) trials and producing many great working dogs.

To become a full champion in England they have to pass a sheep herding test on Sheep An outrun,lift and fetch to the post to the handler. Then a short drive to a post then back to the pen , they have to pen the sheep and the gate has to be closed A time of 15 mins is allowed for this. Once completed then with your show championship you can be a Champion.

Ch HOllowshot Drift who is also in the lines of above dogs , was by the first full champion , CH  Locheil Look North


Dennis has matured into a lovely Boy, Sound in temperament and body. He is by Foggy out of Little Red and has now has his first litter on the ground and very pleased with what he has produced. Hollowshot Bunnygirl is his daughter and she has turned out real nice