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Puppies are Here    There is a female and a male available

Pictures of the parents  , Flick, the dad , and the mum, Bunny. 

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When considering a new puppy you must remember that there are a lot of things for you to remember as well as the puppy. The first thing that comes to mind is the house training! A good thing to remember is that when the puppies first wake up they need the bathroom , then after they have eaten they tend to want to go  almost straight away.  After a good romp around that also gets things moving !  The best way for good house breaking is to keep an eye on your puppy. If you are paying attention you will notice little things like starting to sniff around and then a small circling to find the right spot might be clues to what is to happen next.!  Crate training will help at night , they do not like to soil there beds. Put your puppy outside (with you watching) just before bed and try to make the nights short while the puppy is very young, they only have a small bladder so cannot last as long as a adult dog.


Playing with your puppy is also very important. Not only are you playing but in the games you are introducing good behaviour. A sit if only for a few seconds can be rewarded and a name "SIT" becomes to be associated with the action. Fetch is part of the game and the puppy can learn to retrieve an article on command, and wait for instruction. All the little things that your puppy learns he will not forget, even the bad behaviours. No they don't grow out of them , they get ingrained in them and are hard to remove. Stop bad habits before they area problem

Lead training is done now too. Put a soft collar on the puppy and a light lead. Entice the puppy forward with a toy or a treat, only go  short way if the pup follows then take the lead off. The collar can stay on, lots of scratching to try to remove it but in a short time will for get he has it on. This little lesson is repeated through out the day. As the pup becomes more relaxed then walking for longer. Do not let the puppy learn to pull, I find the long flexi leads a good way to start a puppy as he can move around while getting used to the lead without too much resistance.

Border Collie dog sniffing litter of puppies